Flush sliding windows



Taylor Made has invested in new tooling for our CNC router that can extract shapes from the interior area of a piece of glass. Working with this new capability, our Engineering Team developed a Flush Sliding Window system that presents a seamless all-glass appearance when closed. Among other things, this window system offers better ventilation and a more open feeling in cabin areas, while, at the same time, keeping the flowing, glistening glass look that designers desire in today’s boats.

  • New frameless glass system with fully-integrated flush sliding window system
  • Sliding glass is flush with fixed glass when closed for ultra-contemporary seamless appearance
  • System designed for one directional pull
  • Sliding window system is waterproof
  • The design of this combination can be varied to meet boat builders’ specifications and unique styling concerns
  • Available in a multitude of glass colors, thicknesses and light transmittances
  • Patent Pending

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