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Broken Glass
Contact us to see if your glass shape is still in our catalog? If it is, send us the broken windshield section, frame and all. We'll return it as good as new.

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent customer service. My new top arrived this morning. I am very grateful. Thanks again. You are my hero!”

Rodger L.
Saratoga Springs, NY

Complete Replacement
If your windshield is damaged beyond repair, we can make you a new one. And, if you're restoring an older vessel, we design custom solutions to fit any deck!

Dysfunctional Hardware
From hatch arms to door latches, vent window locks to windshield support bars, we probably have what you need if a piece of hardware is broken or missing.

OEM-Direct Service & Parts

Way back in 1951, Taylor Made introduced our first wraparound boat windshields. Ever since, we've maintained our position as the world's foremost supplier of marine glazing systems. No other company has the experience that we do. Nor the vast catalog of glass shapes and metal trim. Nor do they supply original equipment windhshields to as many boatbuilders. So who better to repair your boat windshield when it has a problem, major or minor?

Windshields: Repaired, Replaced or Custom Designed for Your Boat!

Taylor Made supplies nearly every major boatbuilder in the U.S. with windshields for their boats. If your windshield is broken or damaged, we can help!

Taylor Made Windshield
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